The Danger Of Professional Arrogance


First, you could change the title of this post to "The Danger of Personal Arrogance" if you so desired.

When you have a enough time in your rear-view mirror you can soberly look at your past.  If you're like me, you have had enough experiences to have a track record/history.  You can see what you missed as well as what went wonderfully when you look back-don't stay there too long though.

I was warned at an early stage in my career to avoid arrogance.  It was a poison many advised.  I did a decent job of heeding their advice.  But like any human being, I took my share of poison pills.  Some people and organizations were hurt by my arrogance.  Some applauded with a knife ready to pierce my back, while others figured I'd find my way back home.  And yes, my arrogance was fueled by my power and success.

Now that I've set the context, I'd like you to consider the following:

  1. This is big!  Arrogance robs you of the opportunities to find the things/people that can  help you figure out some of your problems and mystries.
  2. Arrogance lives on the same street as power and success.  Doesn't mean that power and success are bad, just means you shouldn't invite them all over for a Super Bowl party.
  3. When arrogance starts to grow in you, your learning starts to atrophy/die.  This can be reversed but like most things, the longer you wait the tougher it is to change.
  4. Arrogance assures loneliness.  Even if hundred's of people smile and cater to you, the reality is they really don't care.
  5. The chances of living an Epic Life dwindles significantly.  When arrogance takes hold, you'll find yourself too concerned about your "press" and not your legacy.
  6. Arrogance convinces you that you have to be "better than" in order to be safe and protected.  In short, a lie.

What You Leave Behind Shapes Your Tomorrow

Your history is shaping your future.  Not uncontrollably, but subtley and deliberately.  Has a lot to do with our choices.

We really are a motion picture.  Hollywood can only touch the tip of a life's iceberg.

You're not one of those that says; "so what" are you?

A lot of people are now faced with multiple, multiple paths and crossroads.  Whether it's financial, career, family or social, it all adds up to confusion.  Who do you trust?  How do you know how to trust?  Often people just guess and hope it turns out okay.  History is riddled with folks who found those guesses produced nothing but regret.

There is an opportunity to course correct or to begin again.  It won't be easy and it won't be free.  But when did easy and fee get you to a better future?

If you want to know the solutions, then contact me to begin the journey and learn how Epic Living can help.

A Glimpse Of A 2011 Growth Plan

As we've crossed over into a new year, and decade for that matter, I thought I would share some of what I'm planning for 2011.

The importance of having a growth plan is nothing new to you if you've read my work before.  It truly is the fuel behind any vision.  If you haven't embarked on this type of journey, I highly recommend you do and we can help.  Click target=”_blank” title=”The Power of a Great Life”>here to learn more.

The following is my vision and some bullets from my 2011 growth plan supporting it:

    God’s destiny for me is to have and live an Epic Life.  This life will address multiple facets of living.  My life will be a motion picture that births joy and changes lives.  My legacy will be built accordingly.

    I see myself as an excellent husband and father.  Eileen, Lauren and Grant are my most important priority.  Their lives will be wonderfully impacted by my love, time and influence.

    As it relates to Influence, God intends for me to lead on a large scale and stage.  I will communicate encouragement, development and opportunity to people of diverse backgrounds. The marketplace is the arena in which He intends for me to have impact.  I see myself expanding that influence through speaking, writing, teaching and one-to-one mentoring.  I also see Epic Living as the organization focused on developing and reproducing people of influence within the public and private sector.

    My physical and mental health will be strong due to the conscious choices I will make.  I see a long an vibrant life ahead as God allows.

    I see my finances reflecting strength, knowledge and wisdom.  I will make decisions that are investor-minded versus consumer-minded.

    In His church and community, I will minister to individuals and groups by the same methods above.  My key focus areas are influence development and personal growth.  God will also use me as source of encouragement to all I encounter.

  • 30 minutes of silence to listen to God
  • Two dates per month with Eileen
  • Incorporate Yoga into my exercise plan
  • Network on behalf of job seekers in my community
  • Execute on a “stop doing list”
  • Look into natural resources investments
  • Complete second book

My vision and growth plan have more elements than what I've listed, but I wanted to give this to you as source of "example."  I hope it will stir you.