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In recent months I've written and video posted about our new experience Take Time for Your Life.  Our "beta" launch was in late February and we've had some early success with individuals and organizations.  I am gratified by this.  The experience is now ready for launch in the webosphere.  Our first webinar will be conducted in late April.  Live events are in the planning stages as I write.

The why (very important) behind the experience is simply this:

    To have the life you want, you must take time for and manage your whole life.

The Take Time experience moves you from talking about the desire for a breakthrough to actually experiencing a breakthrough-multiple one's at that.  Our approach is focused on you, your way and your life.  We truly believe your the best person to define your life.  And most important the Take Time experience gives you the tools (online resources, subject matter experts, life-specific educational experiences, interaction with me, webinars, live events, live chat) needed to move you to breakthrough.

I am very excited about what this experience will mean for you.  I hope you will join us on the journey.  Your life matters, so give it the time it deserves.

Defining A Blue Sky Experience

 March 28 2011 002

How do you define a blue sky experience? Is it some place over yonder? Is it a person? I see it as a moment. Just one moment.

Even in a business like mine where you work hard to get people engaged, I always take a step back and consider those who claim they have no time, shrink back in fear or laugh off the thought of what a blue sky experience might mean.  I guess you can't escape all of the things that get in the way of blue skies.

Since we began our partnership with Take Time for Your Life, it has become very clear about what's at stake.  Think of the premise of the words "take time for your life."  The urgency is great here, we actually are in the business of helping people put their life first.  Not their career, not a degree, but their life.  A life that includes career, education and more.

So the blue sky experience requires you to put your life first.  It requires you to understand that you only have so many times to see it feel it, embrace it.  It requires you to understand that the blue sky experience was given to you as a gift of sorts.  A wonderful gift.

I am an experiential writer and guide, so you need to know that I'm not just poking around here.  The picture in this post was taken in a moment today.  A moment I almost passed up because I thought I had so much work to finish, and I did.  But I turned around.  About an hour after I took the shot, I had to remind my mom that theattorney needed my dad's death certificate to finish her estate plans.  Admittedly, my blues increased substantially.

Enjoy your blue skies when you see them.  

Sometimes It’s Better To Be A Role Player

I've been thinking a lot recently about role players. When you think about it, these folks are very crucial to any REAL team. You know what I mean, a group of people who know the goals are bigger than the individual desires of each team member. Well, I digress, the role players are crucial. Most significant victories would never happen without them.

There is a certain implication that comes with being a role player, namely you must be willing to be in the background or behind the scenes. Humility is the implied character trait here. This is difficult. Our culture (business, media, church, and maybe even family) doesn't laud humility. So it can lead you to wonder where's the spotlight on your achievements. Maybe you don't need the limelight. Maybe the limelight is overrated.

You need to evaluate hard what the coaching staff looks like in your organization. If it's weak, then time to reconsider. Effective organizations know the importance and live out the importance of strong coaching. They know that the best coaches know how to get the best out of each player. The best coaches take the time to understand each individual and then find the place where they can excel. Again, the application applies to multiple places in life. So whether you're a reserve guard for a team in the Sweet Sixteen or a business analyst in a Fortune 500 firm, you've got to have a coach that knows you and you have to have the humility accept not a lot of lime light if your best suited to be a role player.

We all need to find that place where we're satisfied with our role. Even if it's the role of a role player.

Do You Know What Your Work Is?

Worker bees 
Do you know what your work is?  Most people could rattle off a list of things related to their career.  For example, a title, an employer's name, annual sales, deferred compensation, etc.  But those things are abstract compared to what your work is.  If you want a starting point in finding an answer, then the following question must be asked:

If you lost everything related to your career and I asked you to help my mission/movement, what could you offer?

Now notice, I didn't ask about your credentials, your experience, your references or what companies you worked for before.  I focused my question on you.  You!  That's where the answers begin to come into focus.  I know that may make you uncomfortable for a host of reasons.

Some people got their work from their parents, from their religion, from peer pressure, and it's all wrong.  Some people followed a path they couldn't fully see unfolding and stayed on it, and it's all right.  Regardless of which one represents you, the game is not over.  Unless you've fully surrendered and choose to look the other way.  What matters most is where you're going, not where you've been.  There's no greater a story than the person who says and lives out. "I need to make a change."

The following outlines some ways to get to that place of a fully-defined work:

  • Compile a list of what makes you come alive, makes you satisfied even when it exhausts you, makes you want to talk about it.  There could be other examples, but just start compiling.
  • Stop the negative self-talk.  You've made some mistakes, I've made some mistakes, everybody has.
  • Be vulnerable.  This opens the door to courage.  It will help you when you have to tell the world you need to make a change.
  • Before you rush into making a change ask yourself if your current setting is suited for your work.  Your current business, employer, etc., may be a great fit.  The main thing is to define what your work is.
  • If a change in career, for example, is necessary, then start small and build to the big.  Most people run out of gas because they go to fast and too far at once.  Patience is a virtue.

Managing Your Life Can Lead To Unexpected Breakthroughs

March 2011 007 

In our lives it can be easy to have unrealistic expectations for results.  Especially, if we're coming out of something we hated or something that was a bad habit.  I know this from my own experiences.

Think of the negotiations you have with yourself.  For example, "I need to get to work, so the workout will have to wait today.  Besides, I'm under a lot of pressure to hit my numbers this quarter."  If you repeat this scenrio often enough you can convince yourself that tomorrow never comes.  I did.  It has taken me a long time to respect my life as the most important thing.  When you do this you realize that all facets of your life warrant your attention and care.

The point of my post today is what happened to me on an impromptu day-trip with my wife.  We decided to have lunch at a great inn and go hiking afterwards.  The weather was great, as evidenced by the picture in my post, and we were expecting a wonderful time together.

The owner of the inn, Ellen, who we've know for some time, visited with us.  I had a chance to tell her about our new experience, Take Time for Your Life.  We connected immediately, my wife said some wonderful things about me and I'm confident we'll be able to help Ellen and her followers in a meaningful way.

My wife and I proceeded to take our hike after lunch and talked.  Some about the beauty of the surroundings, some about the business opportunity with Ellen and some laughter.  The hike got our heart rates up and we enjoyed each other's company.

So what does this have to do with managing your life?

The wheel of life below illustrates 8 areas of life.  Which of them did I manage today?

Wheel of Life