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Take Time for Your Life

  In recent months I've written and video posted about our new experience Take Time for Your Life.  Our "beta" launch was in late February and we've had some early… Read more »

Defining A Blue Sky Experience

  How do you define a blue sky experience? Is it some place over yonder? Is it a person? I see it as a moment. Just one moment. Even in… Read more »

Sometimes It’s Better To Be A Role Player

I've been thinking a lot recently about role players. When you think about it, these folks are very crucial to any REAL team. You know what I mean, a group… Read more »

Do You Know What Your Work Is?

 Do you know what your work is?  Most people could rattle off a list of things related to their career.  For example, a title, an employer's name, annual sales, deferred compensation, etc.  But… Read more »

Managing Your Life Can Lead To Unexpected Breakthroughs

  In our lives it can be easy to have unrealistic expectations for results.  Especially, if we're coming out of something we hated or something that was a bad habit. … Read more »

What Do You Have To Lose?


What A Little Running Can Do For You

 This article from the Wall Street Journal is a wonderful example of how exercise (running in this case) can be a part of your lifestyle-the nutrition too.  It's not about… Read more »


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