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Embracing Career at the Expense of Life


Thoughts Around Good Friday

A very special day for me, Good Friday.  In this frame I find myself thinking of my areas of purpose and destiny.  My post is not meant to be too personal… Read more »

8 Areas For Your Attention And Commitment

What if you gave five minutes to your 8 key areas of life today?  It's 1:12 PM EST where I'm at, so for those of my subscribers in Europe and… Read more »

Career Fear Factor

    "You are caught by what you are running from." – Sam Keen   Does losing your job or not finding a job scare you?  For many, the answer would… Read more »

What Failure May Really Mean

There is no doubt that we here in America are success obsessed.  In some ways it makes total sense.  Everyone desires to see positive results from what we put our… Read more »

Getting Involved In Something You Shouldn’t

There's a trap out there, actually a lot of traps, around getting involved in things you shouldn't.  It ranges from career, relationships, business ideas/plans, and much more. The premise of… Read more »

The Career Divorce

 First, this is not a post on marriage.  But it might help your marriage/relationship. Have you ever considered filing for divorce, from your career in this context?  I don't mean resigning… Read more »

How Long Will It Last?

    When you consider where you and your options for a great life are at, how long do think you have to get things in order?  In other words,… Read more »

The DNA Seminar

 The following is an updated post I wrote a few years ago.  Subject matter is still relevant and the problem is still pervasive.  Leaders/managers hear the bell. A friend of my… Read more »

April Leadership Development Carnival

  In April's Leadership Development Carnival you will find my post on the importance of role players, as well as other great posts from some inspiring thinkers.  Enjoy!


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