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In Praise of the Health Plan

I know you've been pounded about your financial plan…Wall Street is very  good about doing that.  The equally important question is; do you have a Physical Health Plan?  You know… Read more »

Did You Mean My Life?-Update 2011

Wanted to revisit this post for personal clarity and encouragement for you.  Enjoy! As I've watched my life twist and turn since I began Epic Living, I haven't always embraced… Read more »

Why Going Back Doesn’t Work

  I recently posted on our Facebook Fan Page the following question: Why didn't Neo go back into the

How Do You Know When The World Has Changed?

Do you know the signs of a changed world?  Apply this to your personal sphere and the larger world too.  Are there certain events or thoughts that trigger this for you? … Read more »

Matching Your Values to Your Words

  Do your words match your values?  Not to perfection, but do you live out what you tell the world?  Is your story verifiable?  This is important because if they don't… Read more »


We all know people who are good at positioning for insincere purposes.  This is probably why the word has a fairly negative connotation.  But what about positioning for sincere and… Read more »


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