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How Management Could Improve Organizational Well-Being

 As we at Epic Living do more work in the well-being arena, it's important to set the table around the importance of management's role in making well-being a reality.  I… Read more »

No Promises

  We would have been better off hearing early on in our adult lives that there are no promises given in life and work.  Some of you might be thinking… Read more »

New Page for the Epic Living Site

We just recently added a new page on the Epic Living site.  It contains information on our new experiences around total life management and well-being.  Enjoy!

The Process, Not the Event

The road of life includes processes and events.  Many prefer the events, and that's a problem.  Events are not the enemy, it's the over-attraction to them that creates the pitfall.  But it's understandable… Read more »

The End of Busy

  I made a decision over the weekend to eliminate the word, thought and feeling of busy from my life.  As with any habit, i will stumble.  But the point… Read more »

Seth Godin on Risk and Failure

   This interview with Seth Godin will encourage you to try and fail.  Are you in a workplace where taking a risk and failing are frowned upon?  Do you frown… Read more »

The Work of Life

There are eight key areas of life we're responsible for.  The following wheel illustrates this:      We here so much about balance in our world today.  It's really more… Read more »


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