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Getting Your Life Back

When I was twelve I knew I wanted to be this:   As time has moved on, I still am, and do desire to continue to be, an artist.  The… Read more »

Connecting on Google+

  I am actively engaged in the land of Google+.  If you're a subscriber to the Epic Living blog and would like to connect there, send me an email with your information… Read more »

Thank You

If you're a subscriber to my blog, I want to say thank you.  Allowing my words access into your life is a high honor to me. Looking forward to the… Read more »

The Road After the Tipping Point

I've only read parts of Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.  The cruel reality of tipping points is they often are not seen until after the train begins its departure from… Read more »

If I Had A Dollar…

  Nice play on a favorite saying, but here's a short list from my experiences: If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was crazy for… Read more »

Does the World Need Another Social Network?

Ok, I've taken the dive with Google +. There are many out there who are wondering if we need another social network.  I asked myself the same question this afternoon and… Read more »

On Second Acts and Encores

  A wise friend once told me a long time ago that my life would be made up of multiple lifetimes.  I think I just nodded and went on. Welcome… Read more »

The Pain of Total Life Management

In our work with individuals and¬†businesses in the realm of total life management, we sometimes encounter the roadblock of pain.¬† I’m referring to the type of pain associated with issue… Read more »


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