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Trust Built on Pain

Have you used your experiences with pain (heartache, disappointment, failure) to build trust with your followers?  Do they know where you've hurt? As crazy as it may seem, it's our… Read more »

The Idea and Reality of Self-Employment

  I never became self-employed because of some ache to be my own boss or the next producer of a killer app.  Far from it, I had a mission and… Read more »

Who’s Inspiring Me Now

Needed to get this out, so here are the people/organizations that are inspiring me now: Alex Kail Nile Rodgers Steve Jobs William Tincup Marc Michaelson Sparkspace Darin Avery The Inn… Read more »

Life Currency

In my post last week on the new net-worth, I challenged you to look at net-worth in a different way.  I even went as far as to say your life depends… Read more »

When Managers Are Vague-2011 Update

The following is a re-post of something I wrote over 3 years ago.  Had a conversation yesterday with a peer and we still see way too much of this: Talked… Read more »

Is Your Life a Misdemeanor or a Felony?

 This post will require you to forget the normal definitions and feelings about crime.  My play on words for this post require the following context:     Misdemeanors will only create an insignificant interaction… Read more »

Thankful for Today

 Today's post is dedicated and in honor of those who are just hanging on or battling demons to fierce for me to know. Today, only because that's all I've been given, I… Read more »


  We're seeing much upheaval in many spots right now.  Besides the business disruptions, we see a world that seems to have lost its mind.  In America we wonder if… Read more »

The New Net-Worth

Measuring net-worth is a pretty linear process for many people/businesses.  Just subtract your liabilities from your assets, and voila you have your net-worth. Right? Where I live (USA), we all… Read more »

Top 50 Human Resources Blogs of 2011

Last week the Epic Living Blog was listed as one of the top fifty HR blogs for 2011 by Evan Carmichael of the Entrepreneur Blog. You can view the list in its… Read more »


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