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Would You Be Willing?

Some key thoughts on well-being and the choices that connect: Would you be willing to let work play a smaller role in your actions and thinking, if it meant you… Read more »

Take Time for Your Life Live Experience and Your Well-Being


The Take Time for Your Life Live Experience

 Join us for this life-changing experience in October.

Your Loyalty

I just wanted to thank you (the subscriber) for your loyalty to our blog.  We value you and your relationship.

When Authentic Was Authentic

  I shouln't be surprised that we've come to the point where a segment of the marketing universe is coaching "authentic."  Yes, authenticity is now being taught.  I guess it's a new… Read more »

Human Beings Being Human

To understand the human psyche is a gift.  To understand it because you've lived it is matchless. Why do people continue a pattern that they know in the end will… Read more »

The Take Time for Your Life Live Experience-The Investment

  Click here to learn more about the experience.

How to Conquer Fear by Starting Small


The Take Time for Your Life Live Experience

On Thursday, October 27 we will be conducting our first live event for the Take Time for Your Life experience.  Excited to say the least.  Take a look at the… Read more »

Things Have Changed in Work and Life



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