Would You Be Willing?

Some key thoughts on well-being and the choices that connect:

Would you be willing to let work play a smaller role in your actions and thinking, if it meant you could devote more of you to your family?

Would you be willing to make less money, if it meant you would be better able to manage the stresses of life?

Would you be willing to spend less time on watching and following sports, if it meant you could use that time to volunteer in your community?

Would you be willing to change your diet, if it meant you could add 5 years to your life expectancy?

Would you be willing to take a class on communication, if it meant you would have a better relationship with your spouse or partner?

It comes down to your choices.  Your life will, and does, reflect that.

When Authentic Was Authentic


I shouln't be surprised that we've come to the point where a segment of the marketing universe is coaching "authentic."  Yes, authenticity is now being taught.  I guess it's a new business opportunity to reform the fake.  Judging by this piece from the New York Times, many are jumping on the bandwagon.  But in your gut, you're probably not surprised.

If you're someone who is learning how to express yourself in a way that fits who you are or you are someone who's going through the process of reinvention due to job loss, then I get what you're doing and this post is not meant to rub you the wrong way.

The idea of advisment around authenticity comes from a motivation to build trust.  A trust to buy.  What many businesses forget is people don't trust because those same businesses would rather make a sale than make a long-term relationship.  In a long-term relationship there is a blend of give and take, good and bad, yes and no, you get my point.  From what I see most don't have the desire or stamina to deal with that.  Ironically, I don't know many people who want a one-sided (always in the favor of the business/provider) engagement as a customer or a human being.

What are we doing?  I mean really, is authenticity something that we need to coach?  If it is, then here's my authentic recipe/contribution to those who Really want to be more authentic:

  • Find out why you're here (Planet Earth). 
  • Define what you value most and give unwavering allegiance to those things.
  • Manage happiness and performance on a daily basis.  It's worth your time.
  • Consistently seek to get better through planning and goal setting.
  • Tell other people what you've found and are doing.

That should about cover it.



Human Beings Being Human

To understand the human psyche is a gift.  To understand it because you've lived it is matchless.

Why do people continue a pattern that they know in the end will lead to undoing?  Fear and a warped view of the world in which they live, I would say, are at the top of the list.  To face these two demons is very daunting for most.

If you're in the world of growing something, if you have a calling, if you are moved to make change, then you need to realize that often the choices people make are based on human beings being human.