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The Role of the Corporate Rebel

You may not know this, but I once was a corporate rebel.  A mostly associate that term with Lois Kelly, the person I first heard and connected the idea with. … Read more »

Creating the New Wealth

Much discussion in my country right now about wealth and its creation. I'm for the new type of wealth creation. A type of creation that makes you rich beyond your… Read more »

While the Kids Get Older

From time-to-time I wonder about how present I've been with my kids.  As a parent it's so easy to be waited down by the cares and struggles of life.  You… Read more »

Forced to Be Authentic

What if we awoke to a world where you had no choice but to be authentic?  A flood causing  your authenticity, or the lack thereof, to be easily detected by those… Read more »

Take Time for Your Life Conversation with Marc Michaelson

Listen to internet radio with Epic Living on Blog Talk Radio Worth the re-post and the insights Marc gives on the Take Time for Your Life experience.  If you haven't registered… Read more »

Great Interview with A Great Entrepreneur

  Great insights from someone who has been around and is still young. He understands what the role of an entrepreneur is. 

The Box

You've heard it a million times; "think outside of the box."  Maybe more would do that if the people asking were not invested in the box industry.  I used to be… Read more »

Live Experience Workshop in Columbus, Ohio

Registration for our Take Time for Your Life live experience closes on Friday.  If you're in the Columbus, Ohio area on October 27, would love to see you there.  You… Read more »

The Role of Power and Greed

I don't desire the end of Wall Street or capitalism in general.  The protests happening in NYC got me thinking.  I heard an interview last evening with a successful wealth creator,… Read more »

We Need the Real Problem Solvers

The need for solving problems seems so obvious in our current environment.  But I'm amazed how far away that concept is for many.  Whether it's the job hunter or the… Read more »


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