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Happy New Year

Here's wishing all of our subscribers and readers a Happy New Year. I hope 2012 will be your best ever. I appreciate you playing an important role in our mission… Read more »

My 2011 Finds

The following are my 2011 finds: Rebels at Work-a great work from Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina.  It really is a movement that will have impact in the years to… Read more »

The Power of Courage

  The power of courage is found in those who know there is something worth fighting for. Have you found something worth fighting for? We're in the perfect age to… Read more »

The Connection Between Risk and Mission


The Right System and The Right Process for Growth

I know many who have good intentions.  I'm one of them!  I would love to tell you that's all you need to get to where you want to go.  I… Read more »

Before You Utter a Word

Before you utter a word, think about where it will take you. I'm speaking of further up the road. This is a piece of real estate known as intent. And even though… Read more »


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