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How Technology Will Change Education

This post was written by Erin Palmer, a writer for Bisk Education which was founded byNathan Bisk in 1971. Bisk works with universities such as Villanova University, a leading institution that offers online… Read more »

Knowing What You Want

Knowing what you want is important-really important. Until you nail what you want, all of the meetings, all of the training, all of the long hours, all of the self-convincing… Read more »

The Why In Preparation

  Many think that preparing begins after opportunity knocks, even those gurus that say preparation should start well before. In a time where things are changing rapidly and many disruptions… Read more »

When It’s Too Late to Change

I'm an optimist, a dreamer, more than I should be some have said. As I spend more time on this planet, one thing is for sure, there is a point… Read more »

What Central Park Did to Me Yesterday

The following clip, Seasons on the Terrace, comes from the Central Park Conservancy. I could swear I was walking in my father's footsteps. Brief and beautiful.  

The Crossroads of 2012

Where do you find yourself in the early part of 2012? I realize we're in the infancy of the year, but as I've noted before, things can take shape quickly…. Read more »

Unexpected Events and Accidents

I've been walking this planet long enough to know that most things in life are unexpected. I also don't believe in accidents when it comes to the fundamental movement of… Read more »

The Reality of the New Year 2012

About right now you've probably been bombarded with marketing and advertising messages around losing wieght, starting a business or how to find more work-life balance. This is after all the… Read more »


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