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Thoughts on Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden

Had a chance to dig into a new book recently titled Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden. The book takes a path I like, namely, it doesn't pull any punches…. Read more »

Formed Opinion

Formed opinions happen all the time. We all walk around everyday setting things, and people, in place. You'd think we're setting the table for dinner. There is a certain level… Read more »

7 Things Your Manager Wants You To Know

  I spoke with a friend yesterday about the role of her manager in her job.  He's an advocate for her and a buffer.  The buffer part was what struck… Read more »

Your People Are Smarter Than You Think

If there is any statement I would want a manager/leader to understand, it would be the following:     "Your people are smarter than you think." I feel sorry for those organizations… Read more »

The Implications of Trust

Saw this post yesterday in Forbes and it got me thinking about the implications of trust. What strikes me is how our business culture has forgotten or needs to be… Read more »

How to Make the Most of Your Physical Health

I had a great breakthrough this week in the area of making the most of physical health. My endocrinologist for some time has wanted to put me on a statin… Read more »

Living Life Well

One of the greatest hindrances of living your life well is the tendency to listen to crowd noise. The critics, the fearful, the rigid, and it goes on and on…. Read more »


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