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Convinced more and more that our search needs to be toward scarcity. In such a way that our abilities, talents, strengths, etc. are called upon to remedy the need for… Read more »

My Best Intentions

Thinking tonight about best intentions, the "my" variety. We don't give people the benefit of this type of doubt. You and I are alike, we give things a shot and… Read more »

The Collision of Profit Motive and Meaningful Work

I'm all for profit, wished I had more.  And I'm very into meaningful work. The problem is found in the collision of profit motive and meaningful work. The problem rears… Read more »

The End of Trust

Who do you trust? What do you trust? How do you trust? This is a difficult time for trust in America. Seems like just about everyone is pitching an angle… Read more »

What Do You Fear?

If you're like me, my fears are ever present. This is not a confession that I live in daily fear, just a confession that, like you, I do battle with… Read more »

Thoughts on The Synergist by Les McKeown

Very excited to share some thoughts on a new book titled, The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success by Les McKeown. I must say the book is a… Read more »

You’re a Team, Like It or Not

If what you do requires a group of people to make it happen, then you're a team, like it or not. obviously, there are many implications in those words. Webster's… Read more »


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