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Do and Don’t

Do: Love Pray Learn Give Forgive   Don't: Give up Fear Hate Ignore Forget

5 Questions with Daniel Wong, Author of The Happy Student

Very pleased to bring you our second installment of the 5 Questions series. Today's post features Daniel Wong the author of The Happy Student; 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and… Read more »

Thoughts on Marriage-The Winning and the Losing

I don't know if I've ever written a post on marriage. I know I've never written about the winning and the losing side of it. With the exception of my… Read more »

When Winning Produces a Loss

May sound contrariain, but sometimes winning can produce a loss. From a sports perspective, your team may win the game, but if your star player goes down with an injury,… Read more »

5 Questions with Lois Kelly of Rebels at Work

Welcome to our 5 Questions Series. These are interviews I'll be putting out there in the coming weeks for your digestion and inspiration. There will be a variety of interviews with… Read more »

How to Choose Happiness

How to choose happiness may seem strange to you. Many times we look at happiness as a feeling that comes and goes. And that certainly is a part of how… Read more »


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