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Leaving Free Money on the Table for College?

An interesting infographic on free money that is often left on the table for college.

Learning How to Live

We live in a world of skills. Skills are endorsed, encouraged and praised. What's not to like? One thing. Ever notice how learning how to live is a forgotten skill?… Read more »

Faith in Business

What level of faith (belief in something that is real, but unseen) do you have in your business? How about your people? Do you act on this faith even if… Read more »

A Favorite Song

Just felt this was important to post for me today. Hope you feel the same. Time Stand Still I turn my back to the windTo catch my breathBefore I start… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Education ROI

The following is a guest post from Phillip Reed. Phillip is associated with Westwood College in the Colorado area. There are many ways one can look at higher education:  you… Read more »


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