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What Management Doesn’t Know Will Hurt Them

Does your manager operate on assumptions? It's kind of a turn on my saying, what management does know will hurt them. The following are some examples: We hit our numbers… Read more »

The Essential Element

Until organizations realize that people are the essential elements of what make things work, we will forever have a win-lose proposition.

Are You Ready?

These days many young leaders are promoted to greater positions of power quicker than ever. It is not unusual for someone in their early forties to hold a senior leadership post in a major organization. I’ve often wondered can they truly be ready for so much power.

Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders

I recently added the book, Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders, to our Epic Books roll. A friend recommended the book to me and I thought you’d enjoy it too.

The Future of HR with Carol Morrison of i4cp

The following is an interview I conducted with Carol Morrison of i4cp on the future of HR. A very compelling conversation we had.

How We Get Work Done

My friend, Andy sent the following video from TED this week. It's a great talk on how we get work done and how we don't get work done. It may… Read more »

Need and Demand

It took me some time (probably more than I care to admit) to realize that to move things you must have need and demand, in-order to create a successful venture that changes the world. I would add scarcity too.

The Choices We Make

The choices we make, make us. Ah, we’ve heard that before. Seems to me, there is a great gap between what we understand about choices and what they result in. We should be more reflective.

Don’t Save the Best for Last

I wrote the following post almost 5 years ago. In some ways timeless. I’m convinced everyday that I don’t “have time.” A great sadness that many live everyday thinking they do. I’m all for finishing strong/well. However, the myth of your best years being found in some future day is insane.


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