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My Top Finds of 2012

Here is my annual list of top finds for 2012. It was definitly a challenge narrowing the list down, but I hope you’ll find some inspiration.

2011-2012 Job Outlook for College Graduates

Interesting infographic on the 2011-2012 job outlook for college graduates.

Meeting Marion in Central Park West

A great memory from 2012. Enjoy!

An Early Morning in June

I was 14 in June, 1980. Life was a series of things to get over and get past in those days for me. My grandmother had passed the summer before, my parents had been threatening each other with divorce and my brother was on a path that would surely lead to deep destruction.

The Problem with Conforming

OK, you’ve got that feeling of safely, relief and security. And best yet, you didn’t get in trouble. You wipe your brow and let out a quiet “whew.” You just conformed and all is well with the world. Or is it?

Who Would Follow You, the Leader?

I’ve been thinking a lot these last few weeks about what’s the best measurement of quality leadership-in the business world and out. There’s so much flowing out there about defining quality leadership, it can be a bit overwhelming. Did I mention burdensome?

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

You know the old saying about real estate. Sing it with me: location, location, location. The idea applies to life, with a change in terms. The words should be: simplify, simplify, simplify.

5 Questions with John Baldoni, Author of The Leader’s Pocket Guide

I had the pleasure of doing this interview with leadership expert, John Baldoni, who is the author of the new book The Leader’s Pocket Guide a few weeks ago. I’ve always admired his wisdom and energy.

A Song

This song found me last evening. Seemed appropriate, considering the events in Conneticut. So heartbreaking…

Length and Width

It’s pretty clear that you’re going to live the length part of life, but the biggest question is whether you will live it’s width. Here’s how you can tell the difference


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