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A Lady Named Giselle

A couple of months ago I met a lady named Giselle. It was a chance meeting. She was the physical therapist assigned to my mom who is embarking on the journey of knee replacement surgery. As I sat with my mom during the interview, Giselle asked about my dad who passed away in January of 2009.

5 Things I Haven’t Forgotten

The following are 5 things I haven’t forgotten along the way of my travels.

Learning How to Get Shot

Learning how to get shot has been one of the best things to ever happen to me.
I was chatting with an entrepreneur a couple of weeks ago and we got into the subject of failed ventures/experiments. I told him that after a few failures, you begin to learn how to try again with better information and understanding.

The Process of Remaking a Man

As I noted earlier in the week, this post is coming to shed some light on a long journey. The journey about the process of remaking a man. That man would be me. It’s been quite a process, this remaking dance.

What I Wanted, What I Got, What I Did

As I wrote some time ago, I have been doing more thinking than writing lately. One of the things I’ve been pondering is the idea of what one wants from life-specifically what I’ve wanted.

5 Questions with Dr. Mark Goulston and Dr. John Ullmen, Authors of Real Influence

Had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Mark Goulston and Dr. John Ullmen, authors of Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In about their new book and more. Some really great insights from two great thought leaders. Enjoy!

The Moment

I know many are in goal-setting overload right now and as a follow-up to Tuesday’s post, I’m going to chime in. Just not in a way you may expect. Don’t set any goals for 2013.

How to Manage Your Health Simply

Learning how to keep things simple is a desire we all can relate to. Whether it’s containing the to-do list or not allowing the good things of life crowd out the great, we know simplicity is the best way to live.

Who Are You Marketing To?

I’ve been at this entrepreneur (risk-taker) thing for awhile-even before I knew it consciously. The learning never stops. I had a couple of great conversations today around marketing and the target of those intentions. Driving away from those conversations, I thought about who I’m marketing to. Maybe the question is appropriate for you as well.

The Value Proposition

Welcome to 2013! In today’s post I’m focusing on the value proposition. Not in relation to your investments or sales process, but your epic life. Don’t turn away. Reading this may be the most important thing you do all year. Not because I’m such a great thinker or writer, but because your life is worth more than you can imagine.


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