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5 Questions with Joe Messinger of Capstone Wealth Partners

The following is an interview I did with Joe Messinger of Capstone Wealth Partners. I wanted Joe’s take on some financial stuff that was on my mind and probably yours too.

The Time Issue

Time doesn’t fly by and we don’t have a “time issue.” Time has been moving at the same pace as it always has and your time issue is more than likely an excuse.

5 Easy Ways for Small Businesses to Cut Costs

Every small business owner knows that costs are easier to control than revenue—and that’s especially important for startups, who can run up quite a bill while they’re waiting for things to take off. Here are a few ways you can boost profits and power through lean times, no matter what niche you serve.

The Price of Fame

The price of fame could be summed up in the following statement: Everybody love you when your famous, not really. It’s just that many flock to whatever is the “new.”

The Eighth Called Family

Ask almost anyone you know about how important family is and I’m sure you’ll get a unanimous “very.” Obviously, not everyone’s family looks or acts the same. Nor does the importance factor apply to all assoicated. But one thing’s for sure, whether it’s a mother, a child or a wife, family is very important to most. It’s a heart thing like no other.

The Impact of Parenting

I’ve been married for almost twenty-two years, fourteen of that as a parent. I am in the camp that can’t believe that much time has gone by. It really feels like yesterday for all of the roles-husband and father.

What Ed Reminded Me Of

This post came over to me as a gift last week. It’s from Ed Batista, a writer and coach, out of the San Francisco area. He does some marvelous work with graduate students at Stanford and beyond. Needless to say, I count him as a source of inspiration and fellow pilgrim.

Steering by the Stars

I had a vivid dream once where I was asked to come on a journey at night. The offer included a flashlight, so I felt secure in the knowledge that I would have enough light. I took the offer and proceeded forward. After some time, the flashlight began to dim and I realized the batteries were dying. Realizing that I had come to far to turn back, I looked up and saw millions of stars. I heard a voice that said, “now you will learn your direction by the stars.” I woke up…

New Epic Living Website

If you’re a subscriber to my blog, you may already know we’re in the process of releasing a new, updated Epic Living website. If you were not aware, I would love your feedback.

Managing Your Thoughts

“Been thinking, more than writing these days. Hoping to get back here very soon. Many events of 2009 have conspired in a way not imagined.”
-Epic Living Blog, Spring of 2009
The above quote came from me almost 4 years ago. Though I’m now in a different place, the words began pushing me to reflection


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