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Knowing Your Limits

Erik and I didn’t talk much about war or fighting, but we did talk about knowing your limits. The Seals go through very difficult training in the pursuit of becoming elite.

A Minute in Boston

What happened in Boston has left me without a conclusion. I am still processing all that was, and is, a tragic event.

Still a Child

As I sat next to my mom at a church service this past Sunday, I realized that I’m still a child. I found that boy whispering in my ear.

Education Revolution From Sir Ken Robinson

There is no doubt in my mind that Sir Ken Robinson get’s “it” when it pertains to our education system.

Can You Spare 3 Minutes?

My post today is not so much about social media, as it is about what we spend our time on in a given day (given is a keyword here). We all have been given 1,440 minutes in each day.

We Don’t Need Anymore Actors

I’m doing more and more everyday to keep things real with everyone I encounter. This is significant because I’m a recovering actor. We don’t need anymore actors.

The Unraveling

Looking around you and your own life, do you see the unraveling?


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