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Everyone Is An Artist

I've made the point before, but everyone is an artist and everyone has an art. This post is about two views of art. One is rooted in arrogance and the other… Read more »


We all are dealing with a lot of stress these days. I wish I could tell you that soon it will wind down. The reality is, stress is a constant companion.


I appreciate you-the subscriber and the reader.

Will You Be There in June?

Out in front of you is a window of time. For the sake of my post, let’s say June. June of 2013 to be precise. The most important question, if the Lord allows, is whether you’ll be present.

What Entrepreneur Means

I have written many times that everyone is an entrepreneur (risk taker). The size and scope varies from person to person. The place where it happens can be different too.

What’s Wrong with the Status Quo?

So what’s wrong with the status quo? A lot, when it comes to problems that continue to get worse.

Building and Managing Trust

In one of the new ventures I’m working on, I’ve been brought on to help on multiple fronts. The company is a startup and that implies variety. The biggest job for me, however, is building and managing trust.

The Value of a Degree

This article appeared in this past weekend’s Wall Stree Journal. It focuses on the value of a degree in today’s climate.


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