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What Are You Counting On?

What are you counting on? A simple and straightforward question. It reveals more about you and I than meets the mind.

A Different Way to Measure Wellbeing

In the U.S., as well as other parts of the world, wellbeing is often measured by an outcome. For example, did you lose the amount of weight you wanted or… Read more »

Something the Boy Said

The story that I write about tonight revolves around a chance meeting and something a boy said to me.
At a meet a couple of weeks ago I met a boy who must have been 13. I didn’t get his name. But he left a mark (see the quote above) on me. I wasn’t expecting the response he gave. I only asked him how his race went.
“I will do better next next time. No excuses.”

For Doris

The above shot is from Central Park, near Strawberry Fields. My post today is for Doris Thompson.

Recognizing Talent.

The below video clip was shot a couple of years ago. The relevance continues, especially in these upside-down times we find ourselves in.

Don’t You Forget This

The above is a scene from one of my favorite films, Dead Poet’s Society. The clip lasts for about 2 !/2 minutes and is well worth the watch on many levels. There are two lines from this scene that are a part of me:


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