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New Books

Just added some new books for your benefit

The Fog

Had a conversation with my wife last week, indirectly about the fog that comes with life.

Thoughts on Quiet the Mind by Matthew Johnstone

Got to thinking about the importance of mindfulness this morning.

The Pass

Lyrics for your Friday. The Pass Proud swagger out of the school yard Waiting for the world’s applause Rebel without a conscience Martyr without a causeStatic on your frequency Electrical… Read more »

Going in With Eyes Wide Open

Every human has emotional, mental and spiritual needs. And certainly those differ from person to person.

Have You Seen This Movie?

There’s a blockbuster movie playing right now. Have you seen this movie?

Are You An Entrepreneur Yet?

One of my coaching clients sent me this article on entrepreneurism.


I’ve been thinking a lot about value lately. Specifically, the conversations and presence with

5 Questions with Dan Schawbel, Author of Promote Yourself

I've known Dan Schawbel for quite a few years now and he is one of the best when it comes to the art of personal branding. His new book, Promote Yourself:… Read more »


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