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A Fabulous Tool Named Grammarly

I use Grammarly for proofreading because my mind runs faster than my fingers. Besides the above tongue and cheek, Grammarly is a fabulous tool I found by accident. The folks… Read more »

The Good and Bad of a Title

The good and bad of title is found in the heart of the one who holds it. As things go, titles communicate much. Titles can make you happy, angry, and… Read more »

Striving Within a Not-So New Reality

“I find Zegna, with Gildo at its head, to be extremely open; they desired a collaboration with someone who could challenge their position.” – Stefano Pilati   I am a… Read more »

What I Need From a Leader

I have influencers and so do you. So, the following are some traits I need from leaders in my life: Integrity-a worn out word that represents our culture’s desperate desire… Read more »

Who Gave You Permission?

I’m sure you remember the term, who gave you permission, from grade school. Permission is important. It’s important even if you don’t realize it. We give permission every day of… Read more »

What I Love About Entrepreneurs

In a lunch this past week, I rediscovered what I love about entrepreneurs.

The Deal on Money

I haven’t dedicated much space here on the subject of money. The deal on money for me is pretty straightforward: Give 10%, Invest 10% and live on the remaining 80%… Read more »


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