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You’re Crazy, Eric

Many times over the last ten years I’ve been called crazy. What exactly does that mean? I mean, “you’re crazy, Eric.” I believe it was code for “what if you… Read more »

Success at Life

I’ve always wanted to be a success at life. Even when I got off the path in younger years, I knew being a success at life would be important, if… Read more »

15,492 Days

Updated post from the spring of 2008. Sometimes the calculator can be your best friend.  Today I decided to do an exercise long overdue. I added up the sum of… Read more »

Saying I Love You

  Saying I love you through my labor of love (for my wife). I found inspiration within the snow’s blank canvas, and of course my heart. It took me about… Read more »

The Tempest Inside

Do you have a tempest inside you? I do. I can’t speak for you, but I’ve learned it’s my creativity pulsing and demanding to get out. I used to see this, at times, as a curse. A cruel burden to carry in an even crueler world. The tempest I write about is the one that is a gift.

What a Father Leaves Behind

Legacy is defined by what I leave behind. For the purposes of this post, what I leave behind as a father. A friend told a few weeks back that he… Read more »

Waiting For the End to Begin

Saw a young lady yesterday who has multiple myeloma. She is young. I found out about her condition a few months ago, but hadn’t talked to her since the diagnosis…. Read more »

10 Reasons I Practice Yoga

Yoga. There are so many benefits in practicing yoga, I could stop here and let you do your own research. But I won’t do that because I want to give… Read more »


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