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A Constant State of Thankfulness

I know it may seem strange that my dog, Bob Marley, would be my source of inspiration and reflection. I’m a dog lover and have been for most of my… Read more »

The Who of You

The above TED Talk got me thinking about many things. David Brooks stirred my soul and provided confirmation of the state of things. The state of who, or what, should… Read more »

Why Mindfulness Matters

So why does mindfulness matter? It matters because if you’re like me, there is a ton coming at you everyday. Social media, email, work demands, family issues, and the list could go on.

I Thought About Tomorrow

I thought about tomorrow and today interrupted. This week has been the week of impromptus. Enter your fears and wonderment. Getting news that surprises will make you feel that way…. Read more »

The Core

Photo courtesy of Nicholas_T   In the exercise world, your core is one of the most important areas of the body to strengthen. If your core is strong, much of… Read more »

There’s One in Every Crowd

Picture yourself going along and things are flowing as you like. You might even feel genuinely successful. And behold, out of nowhere (feels like that) comes the one. The one… Read more »

What About Now?

You’ve got plans, I’ve got plans. Most of these plans relate to the future. It’s a future that no one can be certain of. Watch out for those who say… Read more »


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