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What I Learned From a Navy Seal

A friend sent this speech my way a few weeks ago. It was a timely message. The speaker is a Navy Seal (an admiral if memory is correct) by the… Read more »

Identity and Career

Rare is the man or woman who can walk with graceful indifference to their career. I once had a music teacher advise me to learn all the theory I could,… Read more »

Wellbeing on Your Terms

We live in the age of the prescription. The list is long and varied. Drugs (legal) are prescribed to mask or fix health issues. Fitness gurus will prescribe workout plans… Read more »

5 Questions with Master DDnard, Author of The Compass of Now

I’m so pleased today to share my conversation with Master DDnard, author of The Compass of Now. Her insights into keeping yourself in the moment truly inspired. Master DDnard will… Read more »

Coffee Talk with the CYP Club

Spoke at the Coffee Talk Series for the CYP Club a few weeks back. Really enjoyed my time with this group of millennials.

What Do You Expect?

There’s something to setting proper expectations. Especially, in a world that has changed, but still looks and often feels the same. In our gut, we know it’s important to set… Read more »

5 Questions with Dr. Andrew Thorn, Author of Leading with Your Legacy In Mind

This edition of 5 Questions features Dr. Andrew Thorn. Dr. Thorn wrote a guest post on legacy last year, so I was excited when I had the opportunity to interview… Read more »


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