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The Fear of What’s Next

If you’re like me, the fear of what’s next is a thought process to be managed.


It didn’t take me long, as a kid, to know I was born an entrepreneur. A risk-taker who understood that to live, is to risk.   a person who organizes… Read more »

Don’t Trust The Beast

  A re-post from 2010. You coexist with your business.  It should not be your friend.  It is a beast and not meant to be trusted.  It demands much, but… Read more »

The Passage

  “Eric, as a friend and colleague I have witnessed the roller coaster ride you have had over the past number of years —a ride that has provided you with great information… Read more »

Higher Education Innovation

A wonderful talk on innovation in higher education.

Don’t Let Career Snuff Out Your Dreams

Dreams are fragile things. They’re given as a spark, designed to turn into a flame. That flame should only go out if used to ignite the new dream. That’s why… Read more »

Working Through the Insecurities

This is a re-post from earlier this year. It was timely for me, maybe for you too. If you’re a man or woman who sees vulnerability as a weakness, this… Read more »


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