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Blind Spots

Arrogance produces blind spots. Think of the farmer here, he/she plants the seed, and in the not so distant future there is a crop. The only difference is blind spots… Read more »

Some Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts running through my mind this morning. The clock is ticking for you and I, just like it is for the cancer patient. Make the most of your… Read more »

No More Taking Things for Granted

I remember much about that day 10 years ago. It stll shapes much of my thinking as a context for the life I lead now.

Making Relationships Last

In the personal and business realm, we all seek to make our relationships last. It makes perfect sense. The good relationships we protect, the bad relationships we seek to discard…. Read more »

5 Questions with Carl Reid, Author of 10 Powerful Networking Tips of Influential People

Had the pleasure recently to interview Carl E. ReidĀ about his book, 10 Powerful Networking Secrets of Influential People. The book gives some insightful tips on networking, and leaves you with… Read more »


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