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I Don’t Know

It’s clear we like to know where we’re going. The idea of mystery, question marks and pure unknowns disturbs us. The statement of “I don’t know” can be liberating. Many… Read more »

Acceptance and Will

“The hardest thing about really seeing and really hearing is when you have to do something about what you have seen and heard.” – Frederick Buechner   There are times,… Read more »

My Top Ten Finds in 2015

The following are my top ten finds in 2015, so far: Personality differences between entrepreneurs and employees – The stability trap – Why telemedicine’s time has finally come – World’s… Read more »


I can’t think of a more abused/overused word than “leadership.”  So few practice well the ARS DUCENDI (latin for the art of leadership).  Seems like we should shy away from… Read more »


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