A Book of Dreams

Do you have a book of dreams?  I’m talking about the book that holds all the dreams you’ve seen become reality.  I think you should have one.  Here’s why:

  • Without a book of dreams, you’ll fall from someone else’s dogma.  For example, your boss or the latest feel-good/no-pain sales pitch.
  • Dreams make every pursuit meaningful.  Your career then becomes a tool to catch your dreams.
  • People without a book of dreams fall prey to fantasy.  Fantasy is the exercise of hoping Simon realllllllly likes you.
  • God placed dreams in you to draw you.
  • Show me someone without a book of dreams, and I’ll show you someone who is cynical, critical and hurting.
  • People with a book of dreams have figured out that dreams do come true (thank you Walt) and anything less is a lie.
  • People with a book of dreams are at peace with knowing that life is a limited time offer, so they run harder.
  • A book of dreams will give you focus, and not distraction.

I’m sure I could have kept the above list shorter, but I’m speaking from my own experience.  I’d like to warn you also, expect people to think you’re a nut case.  Just expect it.  Those well intentioned (you know what road they pave) people will tell you that you’re being impractical, foolish, and stubborn.  "I’m jealous of you and too afraid to pursue my own dreams," is what you won’t hear.  But it lives in them just the same.