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Telling Lies

I read once that if you want to get comfortable with telling lies to others, you need to get comfortable with telling lies to yourself.  Kind of chilling when you think about it. I agree with the analogy. Now, what are these self-lies we tell ourselves?  In my case, during my days in the corporate world, it was…

A Message to Men

The above is a recent photo of my daughter. She’s beautiful, smart and has an authentic spirit. Now that she is an adult, much has changed. I’ll spare you all the things you know and have heard. My post today is not really about her. This is a message to men. The ones who she…

DMRC Annual Benefit Dinner

The DMRC (Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center) annual benefit dinner is coming up on Thursday, November 2. This group is a part of The Ohio State University. I hope, if you’re in the area, you can attend. You can make a donation even if you can’t make it. I will be at the event signing…

The Painting of Life


Work-Life Balance




The Medical Community


Remembrance of 9/11/2001

I took this photo at the 9/11 Musem in NYC. The words remind me of why remembrance is so vital.

The Epic Living Definition


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