You Are the Disruption

As I’m sure you’ve heard, disruption is the groovy thing to be in. VCs dream of it (the success part anyway), designers and developers are pushing to make it happen…. Read more »

5 Questions with Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina, Authors of Rebels at Work

I’ve been looking forward to this interview for some time. Lois and Carmen are two thought leaders I admire and respect a great deal. Rebels at Work: A Handbook for… Read more »

The BS Culture and Me

I’m thankful for my friends who’ve had the courage to call me on my BS. The was done out of love and a keen sense on their part that something… Read more »

Situational Mentoring

Why Men Don’t Value Women

Considering where we’re at in America (the world too) today, I felt moved to put this post from 2010 out again. I’m still learning… I’ve been thinking lately about what… Read more »

What Your Human Resources Department May Be Lacking

Dehumanizing the Employee

In my last post, I rang the bell about the gap between human development and the advancements of technology. The disharmony is evident to many. Within the large and mid-market… Read more »

The Problem with Technology

There are so many cool things about technology. To be living in this time you might feel lucky. If you’re someone like me, who lives with a chronic disease, your… Read more »

So What About Ed?

So what about Ed? In my post from earlier in the week, I promised a little “unfolding” around Ed Dobson and us. Here goes: Ed is a representation of us… Read more »

Ed, You and Me

I watched the above short this past Sunday. It’s a story about Ed, you and me. I recommend you take 10 minutes to absorb. Just watch and listen, you won’t… Read more »


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