Brand You

It’s pretty amazing how much an organization puts into its brand.  Think about the dollars and mental capital used to further a corporate brand.  What’s more amazing is how little we put into our own personal brand.  I’m conducting a seminar on Friday around developing a personal brand.  Here are some points we’ll be discussing:

·        Everyone has a personal brand.  No one get’s a pass on this truth

·        If anyone desires to succeed, regardless of the level, they’d better know what their brand communicates.

·        If you don’t leverage your brand, then the corporation will…at your cost.

·        The biggest mistake you can make is letting anyone else define the value of your brand.

·        The best organizations are those that embrace personal branding.

If you’re working for an organization that encourages personal branding, you’re rare and blessed.  Personal branding scares mediocre enterprises.  They find it difficult to get their mental arms around the marriage of corporate and personal brands.  Start working today on the most important brand…You.