Business Commentary

The Trade

As I progress through life, I am more aware of the trade-offs each day brings. When I look at my calendar, when I reflect on my thoughts or when I… Read more »

What’s In Your Head?

What’s in your head may be totally wrong. The above statement may make you shrug your shoulders, as you think I’ve grasped something so obvious. I had a conversation with… Read more »

Work and Employee Happiness

Most organizations, these days, are speaking the language of happiness. For some entities it’s just talk, for others a striving everyday. Employee happiness and engagement are connected. Maybe it’s obvious… Read more »

I Don’t Know

It’s clear we like to know where we’re going. The idea of mystery, question marks and pure unknowns disturbs us. The statement of “I don’t know” can be liberating. Many… Read more »

My Top Ten Finds in 2015

The following are my top ten finds in 2015, so far: Personality differences between entrepreneurs and employees – The stability trap –¬† Why telemedicine’s time has finally come –¬† World’s… Read more »

The Organization Versus Your Health

I admire the organizations that are structured around encouraging strong wellbeing for their people. It’s rare, but important in so many ways. Kinda makes sense that a growing organization would… Read more »

5 Questions with Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina, Authors of Rebels at Work

I’ve been looking forward to this interview for some time. Lois and Carmen are two thought leaders I admire and respect a great deal. Rebels at Work: A Handbook for… Read more »

What Your Human Resources Department May Be Lacking

Dehumanizing the Employee

In my last post, I rang the bell about the gap between human development and the advancements of technology. The disharmony is evident to many. Within the large and mid-market… Read more »

The Ironies of the Office

The above is a wonderful talk from Jason Fried. He makes numerous points, with suggestions on how to make it better, about the ironies that are found in the office…. Read more »


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