Work and Employee Happiness

Most organizations, these days, are speaking the language of happiness. For some entities it’s just talk, for others a striving everyday. Employee happiness and engagement are connected. Maybe it’s obvious… Read more »

My Top Ten Finds in 2015

The following are my top ten finds in 2015, so far: Personality differences between entrepreneurs and employees – The stability trap – Why telemedicine’s time has finally come – World’s… Read more »

The Organization Versus Your Health

I admire the organizations that are structured around encouraging strong wellbeing for their people. It’s rare, but important in so many ways. Kinda makes sense that a growing organization would… Read more »

Why Men Don’t Value Women

Considering where we’re at in America (the world too) today, I felt moved to put this post from 2010 out again. I’m still learning… I’ve been thinking lately about what… Read more »

The Ironies of the Office

The above is a wonderful talk from Jason Fried. He makes numerous points, with suggestions on how to make it better, about the ironies that are found in the office…. Read more »

No More Taking Things for Granted

I remember much about that day 10 years ago. It stll shapes much of my thinking as a context for the life I lead now.

Identity and Career

Rare is the man or woman who can walk with graceful indifference to their career. I once had a music teacher advise me to learn all the theory I could,… Read more »

That 10% Part

In my last post I outlined the importance of embracing the 90/10 rule. Today I have something to share from my own experience relating to the 10% part of the rule.

The Legacy Cliff: A Guest Post by Dr. Andrew Thorn

Are you there yet? Have you reached that point in your life when you suddenly realize that there are more days behind you than there are ahead of you? If you have, then you may find yourself wondering “was it all worth it?” or maybe even, “is this all there is?”

Don’t Save the Best for Last

I wrote the following post almost 5 years ago. In some ways timeless. I’m convinced everyday that I don’t “have time.” A great sadness that many live everyday thinking they do. I’m all for finishing strong/well. However, the myth of your best years being found in some future day is insane.


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