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It didn’t take me long, as a kid, to know I was born an entrepreneur. A risk-taker who understood that to live, is to risk.   a person who organizes… Read more »

Adam Scott Goldberg

Giving a big shout out to Adam Scott Goldberg. Adam has graciously granted me access to his wonderful photography talents. Many of the photos I’ve used in last few months… Read more »

Coffee Talk with the CYP Club

Spoke at the Coffee Talk Series for the CYP Club a few weeks back. Really enjoyed my time with this group of millennials.

My Top Wellbeing Finds for 2013

Tis the season for year-end lists, so here are my top wellbeing finds (the type that impacted me) 2013. Facio. Facio is a cloud-based tool to help you stay on… Read more »

My 2011 Finds

The following are my 2011 finds: Rebels at Work-a great work from Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina.  It really is a movement that will have impact in the years to… Read more »

Dynamic Presentation Tool That’s A Must

Jeff Gaily, one of my followers on Twitter (I follow him too), pointed to this site/organization named Prezi.  They're presentation tool is one of the coolest I've seen in a… Read more »

BizJournal Column

I wrote this columnfor BizJournals back in August.  It addresses the opportunity of social networks-inside and outside of the organization. I hope it inspires!

The Power of Micro-Blogging

I use Twitter daily (look for me under “Epic Living”).  One of the people who follows me asked my thoughts on micro-blogging in the corporate arena.  I wanted give my… Read more »

Music That Inspires My Writing

When I write I need music flowing through my ears, to my heart and then to my head.  For example, I listened to a lot of jazz when I wrote… Read more »

Fixed by Fixya

I'm sure someone told me about this, but Fixya is the best.  Had trouble pairing my bluetooth headset with my new Blackberry, and voila Fixya fixed me:-)


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