Beautiful Music, Beautiful Day

Just so you know, I post on music because it is the language of the soul.  Has a lot to do with life, no?

Here’s a beautiful gift on a beautiful day:

The piece is titled; Brise De Coeur and the performance is by John McLaughlin and Katia Labeque.

I hope you enjoy…

She is Melody

Have you ever walked by or near someone and heard a melody.  Maybe it was Bill Evans or Joni Mitchell, but you heard it.  I will confess this has happened to me many times with my wife.  It’s happening right now as I listen to Pat Metheny’s Understanding.  I see my wife’s face and my heart is warm.  I think God gives us this wonderful gift if we let him. 

I am convinced that we miss much in this life.  How many melodies have I missed?  Who was trying to play a symphony, when I was settling for a jingle?

See below for some inspiration…

What’s stopping you from hearing the melodies.

Defining Beauty

Mary Brown brings us some refreshing thoughts on beauty in her post around Dove’s new ad and how popular TV is responding.  We’ve become accustomed, if not brainwashed, to believe that beauty is defined by a Victoria’s Secret model.

If beauty is age specific only, then be afraid, be very afraid.  Say it ain’t so!

Here’s my criteria for beauty in a woman:

  • A soul surrendered to God.  A woman of this variety is the closest thing on earth to heaven.
  • A care for her looks and adornment.  Notice, I said care and not preoccupation.
  • Knows her values and is aligned with them.
  • Has a nurturing heart and mind.
  • Fights for those that cannot fight for themselves.
  • She is vulnerable.
  • Accepts that it is OK to be a woman. 

That’s my list.  You may have a different one, but we can agree that beauty is not age specific.  Right?

Waiting for Death

Are you waiting for death to begin to live.  There are many stories out there on people who’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and then saw the wisdom of living full.  Any awakening is a good one, but why should you wait?

The following outlines what is essential in combating inaction before eternity calls:

  1. Are you thinking you should should start that business?  Then write it down, get some insight and begin.
  2. Is having fun important?  Then start, resume or increase what is fun.
  3. Should you start taking better care of your body?  Then start exercising, eating healthy, etc.
  4. Have you forgotten to tell somebody what they mean to you?  Then pick up the phone, send the email or go visit them.
  5. Are you thinking you’ve got time?  Then stop, because no one has as much time as they think they do.

This article in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required for the entire article) is a tragic example of why now is the time to live.  The young girl’s perspective is understandable…she was a child.  If you’re an adult you have no excuse.