Telling Lies

A re-post from 2010. I read once that if you want to get comfortable with telling lies to others, you need to get comfortable with telling lies to yourself.  Kind of chilling when… Read more »

5 Questions with Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina, Authors of Rebels at Work

I’ve been looking forward to this interview for some time. Lois and Carmen are two thought leaders I admire and respect a great deal. Rebels at Work: A Handbook for… Read more »

What Your Human Resources Department May Be Lacking

Dehumanizing the Employee

In my last post, I rang the bell about the gap between human development and the advancements of technology. The disharmony is evident to many. Within the large and mid-market… Read more »

The Ironies of the Office

The above is a wonderful talk from Jason Fried. He makes numerous points, with suggestions on how to make it better, about the ironies that are found in the office…. Read more »

Old Leaders, Old Ideas

Decided to take a look back and found this post from June of 2005. Ever experienced old leaders and their old ideas? Maybe you’ve approached your life this way. It’s… Read more »

There’s One in Every Crowd

Picture yourself going along and things are flowing as you like. You might even feel genuinely successful. And behold, out of nowhere (feels like that) comes the one. The one… Read more »

Situational Mentoring-2014

I’ve reposted the above video a couple of times since making it back a few years back. The subject matter around situational mentoring is still timeless and strategic. I’ve applied… Read more »

Recognizing Talent.

The below video clip was shot a couple of years ago. The relevance continues, especially in these upside-down times we find ourselves in.

5 Easy Ways for Small Businesses to Cut Costs

Every small business owner knows that costs are easier to control than revenue—and that’s especially important for startups, who can run up quite a bill while they’re waiting for things to take off. Here are a few ways you can boost profits and power through lean times, no matter what niche you serve.


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