Telling Lies

A re-post from 2010. I read once that if you want to get comfortable with telling lies to others, you need to get comfortable with telling lies to yourself.  Kind of chilling when… Read more »

A Survey

As I work diligently on adding more ways for you to engage with Epic Living, and even provide e-commerce options to the Epic Living experience, I could use your help…. Read more »

Who Are You Marketing To?

I’ve been at this entrepreneur (risk-taker) thing for awhile-even before I knew it consciously. The learning never stops. I had a couple of great conversations today around marketing and the target of those intentions. Driving away from those conversations, I thought about who I’m marketing to. Maybe the question is appropriate for you as well.

The Power of a Video Resume

In the market we find ourselves in, I think it wise to stand out from the herd. One excellent way is throught the medium of video. In this post I’m specifically thinking of the video resume

When Authentic Was Authentic

  I shouln't be surprised that we've come to the point where a segment of the marketing universe is coaching "authentic."  Yes, authenticity is now being taught.  I guess it's a new… Read more »

Human Beings Being Human

To understand the human psyche is a gift.  To understand it because you've lived it is matchless. Why do people continue a pattern that they know in the end will… Read more »

Does the World Need Another Social Network?

Ok, I've taken the dive with Google +. There are many out there who are wondering if we need another social network.  I asked myself the same question this afternoon and… Read more »

How Perception Can Lead To Reality

The above is a speech from Rory Sutherland.  He gives some veiled (pay close attention)advice on how to take what you are and do to a new level. Have you thought… Read more »

Turning Static Into Dynamic

Found this site by way of Jeremiah Owyang's blog.  LiveWorld has created a "social" application called LiveBar, that has tremendous potential.  Sort of the turning what is static into what is dynamic idea…. Read more »

What Wine Can Teach Us About Marketing

Found this blog and post courtesy of Guy Kawasaki.  It's an intriguing interview with a marketing thinker on the subject of wine and neuromarketing. Great insights that can be applied… Read more »


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