Thoughts, Words and Actions

In my last post I gave you a glimpse of how I manage my life. I didn’t quite describe it as “life management,” but you get it. So if life… Read more »

The Pass

Lyrics for your Friday. The Pass Proud swagger out of the school yard Waiting for the world’s applause Rebel without a conscience Martyr without a causeStatic on your frequency Electrical… Read more »

Living Music

My friend, Marc, shared this performance by Carlos Santana and Wayne Shorter with me and

A Favorite Song

Just felt this was important to post for me today. Hope you feel the same. Time Stand Still I turn my back to the windTo catch my breathBefore I start… Read more »

Music Is The Language Of The Soul

This song from Sade runs through my veins.

A Great Conversation About Winter Wtih Sting

Coinciding with the release of his new disc, If On A Winter's Night, I've posted this conversation with Sting.  Over my life I have connected with Sting on multiple levels. … Read more »

Music That Inspires My Writing

When I write I need music flowing through my ears, to my heart and then to my head.  For example, I listened to a lot of jazz when I wrote… Read more »

Beautiful Music, Beautiful Day

Just so you know, I post on music because it is the language of the soul.  Has a lot to do with life, no? Here’s a beautiful gift on a… Read more »

A Voice Close to Heaven

Some years ago I had a chance to tell the person below that I felt heaven in his voice. The song Pedro Aznar is singing is titled Setiembre (September).  The… Read more »


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