New Media

The Price of Fame

The price of fame could be summed up in the following statement: Everybody love you when your famous, not really. It’s just that many flock to whatever is the “new.”

My 2011 Finds

The following are my 2011 finds: Rebels at Work-a great work from Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina.  It really is a movement that will have impact in the years to… Read more »

Facebook, Twitter and Epic Living

If you're a subscriber or regular reader of the Epic Living Blog, please feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for the support and… Read more »

A Few Of My Favorite iPhone Apps

I've been an iPhone user for almost a year.  I currently using the iPhone 4.  The device has made a positive impact on my work and personal life. The following is a… Read more »

How Social Media Can Save Customer Service Training

Was doing some research for a friend/client on customer service training materials this week.  I decided to use Twitter (my top choice for social media portals) as a tool to… Read more »

What Your Organization Could Learn From the U.S. Air Force

Caught this post from Lois Kelly today and I was shocked.  I confess that I've never looked at the U.S. Air Force as being that progressive/innovative.  As Lois points out,… Read more »

It’s All Twitter’s Fault

I have been neglecting my normal (widescreen, if you will) blogging because of Twitter.  I guess I've been getting into the micro nature of it more lately.  Have no fear,… Read more »

BizJournal Column

I wrote this columnfor BizJournals back in August.  It addresses the opportunity of social networks-inside and outside of the organization. I hope it inspires!

Friday’s Epic Living Hour with Special Guest Ryan Bettencourt of Learn From My Life

  Join me Friday when Ryan Bettencourt of Learn From My Life will be my special guest on The Epic Living Hour.  Ryan is a gifted thought leader and entrepreneur, who will… Read more »

What A Little Video Can Do

Found this advertisement from Cisco that just struck me.  What threshold do we have before us?  Where do you think we're heading with video and other like tools. Jump in and give… Read more »


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