My Parenting Goal

My parenting goal is pretty simple: Inspire my children to be who they were created to be and go live accordingly. Of course, there are other goals, but this one… Read more »

Excerpt From the New Book

As I get closer to finishing my second book, I wanted to share an excerpt. I’ll save the details around the concept/premise of the book. The working title is;; Stop… Read more »

The BS Culture and Me

I’m thankful for my friends who’ve had the courage to call me on my BS. The was done out of love and a keen sense on their part that something… Read more »

What Do You Expect?

There’s something to setting proper expectations. Especially, in a world that has changed, but still looks and often feels the same. In our gut, we know it’s important to set… Read more »

The Measuring Stick

So, what’s your measuring stick for people? Do they need to be a certain color? Do they need to drive a certain vehicle? Do they need to have a certain… Read more »

Why Women Lead Well

From quite a few years ago. Some of my best leaders have been women.  Many of them gave me something essential to growth-affirmation.  Is this a motherly instinct?  I can’t… Read more »

A Constant State of Thankfulness

I know it may seem strange that my dog, Bob Marley, would be my source of inspiration and reflection. I’m a dog lover and have been for most of my… Read more »

There’s One in Every Crowd

Picture yourself going along and things are flowing as you like. You might even feel genuinely successful. And behold, out of nowhere (feels like that) comes the one. The one… Read more »

Happiness Pursuing You

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face The first time ever I saw your face I thought the sun rose in your eyes And the moon and the stars… Read more »

Saying I Love You

  Saying I love you through my labor of love (for my wife). I found inspiration within the snow’s blank canvas, and of course my heart. It took me about… Read more »


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