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Adam Scott Goldberg

Giving a big shout out to Adam Scott Goldberg. Adam has graciously granted me access to his wonderful photography talents. Many of the photos I’ve used in last few months… Read more »

The Price of Fame

The price of fame could be summed up in the following statement: Everybody love you when your famous, not really. It’s just that many flock to whatever is the “new.”

Who Do You Connect With on Social Media?

The following infographic really does a good job at informing on how social media impacts job seekers and students. Much talk about this lately and forewarned is forearmed

Connecting Via Social Media

I write from the heart, so sometimes I forget to remind you of how you can connect with Epic Living via social media

Leadership and the Social Media Frenzy

I’m all-in on the trends created by social media. This is natural because of my involvement (passion and revenue) in it. Lois Kelly reminds us though, of how some elements are timeless-leadership. You can read her post here.

Ways to Connect with Epic Living on Social Media

Here are some addiitonal ways to connect with us on social media: Epic Living Google+ Page Epic Living Facebook Page Twitter LinkedIn

Human Beings Being Human

To understand the human psyche is a gift.  To understand it because you've lived it is matchless. Why do people continue a pattern that they know in the end will… Read more »

Does the World Need Another Social Network?

Ok, I've taken the dive with Google +. There are many out there who are wondering if we need another social network.  I asked myself the same question this afternoon and… Read more »

How Social Communities Are Impacting Customer Service

Lois Kelly gives us some compelling insight around Verizon's success with customers.  I thought this post was timely, considering the gains Verizon continues to make versus AT&T.  You can read… Read more »

Twitter Realities

I'm a user and fan of Twitter.  But I am also a thinker.  Had a couple of new followers (or so I thought) join my community, but Twitter doesn't list… Read more »


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