New Epic Living Website

If you’re a subscriber to my blog, you may already know we’re in the process of releasing a new, updated Epic Living website. If you were not aware, I would love your feedback.

Leadership and the Social Media Frenzy

I’m all-in on the trends created by social media. This is natural because of my involvement (passion and revenue) in it. Lois Kelly reminds us though, of how some elements are timeless-leadership. You can read her post here.

Facebook, Twitter and Epic Living

If you're a subscriber or regular reader of the Epic Living Blog, please feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for the support and… Read more »

The Power of Micro-Blogging

I use Twitter daily (look for me under “Epic Living”).  One of the people who follows me asked my thoughts on micro-blogging in the corporate arena.  I wanted give my… Read more »

The Ohio Web Leaders July Event

I’m privileged to know a few of the folks involved with the Ohio Web Leaders.  I’m also very flattered that they’ve ask me to to speak at their event on Tuesday,… Read more »

The Value in Your Organization’s Social Network

Social networks are not new.  The explosive growth of external social networks is rather breathtaking.  There's more going on than a business plan though.  Social networks reveal a lot about an organizations… Read more »

Why I Write-Updated

Thought it was important to update this post.  Originally written in 2008, it's a daily reminder that trust is important in words-written or spoken. "I have never thought of writing… Read more »


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