Work-Life Intergration

New Video on Work-Life Balance

Just uploaded a new video on work-life balance. You can view it below: https://


I can’t think of a more abused/overused word than “leadership.”  So few practice well the ARS DUCENDI (latin for the art of leadership).  Seems like we should shy away from… Read more »

The Ironies of the Office

The above is a wonderful talk from Jason Fried. He makes numerous points, with suggestions on how to make it better, about the ironies that are found in the office…. Read more »

5 Things I Haven’t Forgotten

The following are 5 things I haven’t forgotten along the way of my travels.

Things Have Changed in Work and Life


Seth Godin on Risk and Failure

   This interview with Seth Godin will encourage you to try and fail.  Are you in a workplace where taking a risk and failing are frowned upon?  Do you frown… Read more »


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