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Eric Pennington 9-3Eric Pennington is the entrepreneur and dreamer behind Epic Living, LLC, a people development company that helps organizations and individuals discover their well-being, professional and personal growth potential. The group accomplishes it’s objectives via one-to-one coaching, consulting and workshop sessions. Eric has over fifteen years of practical management and leadership experience inside Fortune 500 and charitable organizations. Some of those organizations include Bank One, Huntington National Bank, The Gathering and Grace Brethren Fellowship.

Epic Living was founded in 2005 and was born out of a vision to change the lives of those inside and outside of the business arena. Eric’s experience is as varied as pastoral speaking and workshop processes, to host/master of ceremony duties. He is an idea spreader of the highest form. All communications (speaking, writing or guiding) are specific portals for spreading the ideas of awakening and higher performance in life and work.

To further expand his idea reach, Eric authored the book Waking Up In Corporate America: The Seven Secrets That Opened My Eyes in January of 2008. The book is a field guide for those navigating a career in corporate America. The book unlocks seven secrets that Eric learned, experienced and taught over a 15 + year career.  Eric is currently hard at work on his second book tentatively titled Finding the Epic Life.

The following are a couple of notes of praise for Eric and his work:

“A powerful book, Waking Up In Corporate America, renews my hope in what one person can do to change their world for the better. Eric’s experiences in Corporate America are not only relevant, but timely.”
-Marshall Goldsmith, author of the NY Times bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Eric simply possesses a drive and passion for helping leaders lead. His tools and techniques are simple – but his delivery is what makes leaders receive and apply his techniques in manner that is welcome to those that follow the leader. Passion, integrity, and perseverance….need I say more.”
-Jim Kaminski, Director of Continuous Improvement, Limited Brands

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