Good Enough

When we evaluate our growth level, we should never be satisfied.  Satisfaction is the enemy of remarkable.  Far too many leaders are satisfied.  It almost seems like there really is a “matrix” that traps people.  A matrix, if you should agree, creates a false sense of well being. 

Quality leaders are called to a higher understanding of the future and the people they lead.  They inherently distrust the tried and true.  One of the reasons for this comes from a desire to shape the future.  The majority of these leaders see the future as a better reality ahead.  The people they lead are integral to the outcome.  They KNOW that better realities only occur with others beside them.  Damn us for thinking that profit is most important.  Profit is a by-product.

When I look around the corporate landscape today, there are so many people hungering for encouragement and innovation.  Sadly, these folks have been left within a vacuum.  My mission is to reach out to you, and communicate that you’ve been designed for a remarkable story.  Don’t expect these changes to originate from the corporate halls.  It will originate from somewhere else…