How To Surround Yourself With People Who Are For You Part II

I wrote a post some time ago about how to surround yourself with people who are for you.  It warrants another look today, considering all the recent news (elections, recession, career insecurity).

The following are 7 keys to knowing and choosing:

  1. Start thinking seriously about the circle of people that surrounds you now.  Evaluate (why do you hang around them, are they positive or negative, would they be around if you failed) the value they bring to your life, and then make a decision about whether they should be in your circle.  Sign post up ahead; this won’t be easy.
  2. Test those who you’ve decided to keep.  For example, tell them about a dream you have.  See if they tell you its impossible.  A person that embraces the impossible is more than likely seeking to keep you in a box.
  3. Do the people in your circle cross-pollinate with you? Meaning, are they looking to you for inspiration.  You don’t want a one-sided relationship.
  4. Have the people in your circle connected you with others who can help?  If they haven’t, question why not.
  5. Is there any jealousy between you?  If someone in your circle is jealous, then its a sign of someone just hanging around to satisfy their insecurities.  Be careful here, jealous people eventually betray.
  6. Look to the eyes to discover what is in the soul.  For example, if you see fear when you tell someone your dreams, then you are probably looking at someone who won’t be for you.  They may say something positive, but its a mask.
  7. Control your urge to be liked.  We all want this, but it can kill if we’re not careful.

It’s so important to have a powerful circle of people who genuinely seek your good.  These people are ecstatic when you win.  They also will be grounded in reality, which is key in keeping you from chasing fantasies.