I Want My Leadership Development-Now

In times of crisis (economic or otherwise) organizations begin to think about leadership.  Actually, they think of it often.  What they do about it is another thing.

I feel for those organizations that neglected growing leaders when profits were up.  That would have been the best time to change the world.  But alas, those were the "best laid plans." 

If you run an organization that has never given much thought to leader development, then I would advise you to prepare for a great deal of pain (it is worth it).  The pain process goes like this:

  • The process of announcing an initiative that many will not believe or take seriously.  Shucks, you've rolled out initiatives as frequently as you lose employees.
  • After the above, you've got to lead your people thru the treacherous waters of change (the present state to the desired state).
  • If you make it past change, you've got to now make it a part of the organization's DNA.

This is not an easy endeavor.  I think you can understand why these organizations mostly hang themselves on leadership development as a talking point.  You know what I mean; it feels better when you say leadership development versus living it.

I don't mean to sound Grinchy, but best not to sugar coat.  It's sort of like a 62 year-old worker who started planning for retirement 5 years ago.  Is it too late?  No, but it will hurt.

I may be all wet about where we're at, so find out for yourself.  Ask this tough question:

What are we/you specifically doing to grow your leadership?

The answer to that question will reveal a lot.

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